label: wordsound
production: philosophy major
year of release: 2003
1. 50 Kilos Of Uncut Metropoline
2. Violent Storms Descend From The Magnetosphere
3. The Soundless Hum Of A Prayer
4. Montauk Sunshine
5. Psychic Blueprint For A City
6. The Unutterable Occurrence
7. The Chronomaton
8. The Secret Retreat Beneath Sitra Ahra, The City Of Shells
9. Heavenly Holocaust Of Somber Satellites
"Be forewarned: You hold in your hands the horror-core soundtrack to the infamous 15th century Alchemical Text of Love and Terror".
So the back of this CD writes. What's not an empty claim though, because, and here said text needs to be quoted again: "The contents of this CD are freeform microwave translations of Leon Battista Alberti's 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili' using Fulcanelli's Decryption Algorithm for Alchemical Code and the 'Language Of The Birds.'"
Get it? Well, it sure is complicated. But at lovecraft-technologies.com, there should be more information. And when you listen to the interesting (in a more than just curious way) music, it also starts to somehow make sense.
And this is music for the senses, because apart from all the tones, there also seems to be touch and flavor in these songs, which cover the room's three dimensions, in softened angles, and slow progression. While only "50 Kilos Of Uncut Metropoline" is really excessive, as it lasts for ten minutes odd. The others are actually rather short, and thus they respectfully accomplish a lot, others can't fill in a longer period of time.
And these songs, like "Violent Storms Descend From The Magnetosphere" used to be called ambient, before greedy technocrats also claimed that term for themselves. It raises memories of the glorious Orb past, is further abstracting the most experimental of Jean Michel Jarre's phases and lifts the stern German aesthetic off a Kraftwerk. With the addition of dub on "The Soundless Hum Of A Prayer" (and tamer on "Psychic Blueprint For A City"), a stronger drive on "Montauk Sunshine", quick drums on "The Unutterable Occurrence", which are matched with a perfectly fitting, while quite different guitar. As well as a heavy guitar and drum-n-bass like percussion on "The Chronomaton", that again gets a Down Under guitar break. But the pace is only kept high for so long, as "The Secret Retreat Beneath Sitra Ahra, The City Of Shells" and especially the psychedelic "Heavenly Holocaust Of Somber Satellites" are slow again. And with the latter song we also finally reach hypnosis and a status of minus.
The title "Hypnerotomachia" might sound like a new kind of coffee for geeks. In reality it probably takes a certain excitability of a nerd to really dare to listen to this quite excellent record. What's however only due to them understanding and appreciating the effort. At the same time, they'll struggle to switch off their brains and just surf the music. So if you are someone that can do both, be intellectual about such a thing, while also able to get lost in the moment, then this music will be the right revelation and sensation for you.
review: tadah
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