label: morr
produced by: populous
year of release: 2002
website: cablecorp.it
Italian food is loud. This Italian music is quiet, with hisses and crackles, a lot of structure, often little progression, but it continues with new minimal ideas. That's why this gets to be a kind of lost, thus searching music, lacking the outburst and outgoing mama mia of the Italian background it has.
This minimalism is not empty though. Because the songs are filling the gaps. With the stuffing being humble and pastel. And the opposite would be loud colors. What makes the songs hard to distinguish amongst themselves as much as among other microcosms of musical entities. At least to the untrained ear, that lacks the experience to spot the differences. What however maybe a true statement about all art.

1. Bottom 01
2. Ent-The Dexo
3. Flu
4. Charol Astra
5. Clijster - Blepharo Edit
6. Ext.Rhodes Bank
7. Hi Hat The Ro:Q's DRNS
8. Stretch Abuse + Snare
9. Bottom 02
Because the rough lines on linen look easy to be recreated, with the aesthetic however being where the character of the artist and the quality of the heart hides. What then works as a fitting description for "Flu", that is an outburst of sounds and meanings for the trained ear, while merely a remixed version of something else for the uninitiated. But if the geometrical construction changes the shape, while still using the same two colors, there's no doubt that it's a new painting. Similar, okay. Connected, yes. Different still.
With some of the changes still being dramatic, namely when the sounds get more present on a "Charol Astra" or when the vibes get more demanding and the drum more upfront, like on "Clijster - Plephard Edit". Then you must be facing a different wall, as the picture you look at is definitely not the same. Further you have jazz on "Ext.Rhodes Bank" and anger on "Hi Hat The Ro:Q's DRNS". And finally on "Bottom 02" we get eager and perfuse vocal chopping, that opens trance like doors, where a choir bursts through.
So imagine this as different paintings of triangles in similar colors. Next to each other they add up to an interesting sight. They all contain their own logic and aesthetic. Nevertheless, they are still just triangles and the colors are still similar. So that will limit the amount of experience and content you can find in these pictures. And in this music, that is definitely like those pictures.
review: tadah
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