Tipsy Remix Party!
label: asphodel
compilation includes: matmos, seksu roba, seelenluft, curd duca, flaspar, world standard, dim dim, people like us, teat scene, others.
year of release: 2002
How much sense can a remix project make, if you don't know the originals? Not too much really. Because much or most of the magic comes from comparing the two version. And much of the skill of a good remixer can only be viewed when you get the chance to know how he treated a song. Now, this is a remix project, thus it's called "Tipsy Remix Party!". With the originals however never having played themselves in our consciousness, it's also a little bit a tribute album to the creative people from places like San Francisco (where Tipsy also dwell), LA, London, Zürich, St. Petersburg, Livermore, Vienna, Seattle, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Brussels, San Diego and Kent.
And at times, there seem to have been a couple of competitions going on, with one being: how many sound effects can we possibly fit into Matmos' "Schatzi A Go Go" or how many parts can "Cinnabar (Hair Sprayed Ways Mix)" by Optiganally Yours possibly have. And speaking of parts: if something can be the nucleus common ground of all these remixes, then that they got a lot of things going on, either along side each other or after another. Hence there's rarely a track on here that doesn't have several parts, rarely a track where you will not be like 'damn, where did this sound effect come from' and rarely a track that will not get you to boogie.

1. Matmos "Schatzi A Go Go"
2. Seksu Roba "Wit Out"
3. High Llamas "Sweet Cinnamon Punch"
4. Seelenluft "Something Tropical"
5. Messer Chups "Hey!"
6. Teat Scene "Flying Monkey Fist"
7. Curd Duca "Mr. Excitement (Ms. Excitement)"
8. The Sons Of Silence "Fur Teacup (Meret Oppenheim's Brazilian Wax)"
9. The Bran Flakes "Kitty Takes A Ride (Kitty Mix Up)"
10. Flaspar "Suez Motel"

11. World Standard "Papaya Freeway (Cowbox Mix)"

12. Dim Dim "El Bombo Atomico (Pizza Del Sol Mix)"
13. Optiganally Yours "Cinnabar (Hairsprayed Ways Mix)"
14. People Like Us "Reverse Cowgirl (Preserved Cowgirl)"
14. Limp "Silent Runner"
Because this is a party, and that's why there's party tracks on here. With the vibes however being as different as all the taste of all them nicely coloured happy makers behind the bar. That's why you get a howdie feel on "Reverse Cowgirl (Preserved Cowgirl)" by People Like Us, but also a alpine vibe on "El Bombo Atomica (Pizza Del Sol Mix)" by Dim Dim. The previously mentioned Matmos cut feels comfortable in a Japan Lounge setting, while many tracks pretend to be a secret agent, sometimes being more James Bond than Austin Powers, but often enough the other way around. That's on cuts like "Something Tropical" by Seelenluft and "Hey!" by Messer Chups, to mention two among more than two.
What then also nestles among the smooth "Papaya Freeway" by World Standard, the Fisher Price hammering "Kitty Takes A Ride (Kitty Mix Up)" by The Bran Flakes and the Arabic "Suez Motel" by Flaspar and everything is shaken not stirred and has a very distinct and overly sweet flavour. Because Tipsy are not doing your run of the mill anything. Instead they do their runs around millions of little oddities, that offer the ups and downs and bumps and curves of a roller coaster. And because we like them things, it's buckle up fellas; here we go again.
review: tadah
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