Sorry I Make You Lush
label: ninja tune
production: wagon christ
year of release: 2004
1. Saddic Gladdic
2. I'm Singing
3. The Funnies
4. Shadows
5. Quadra Y Discos
6. UBFormby
7. Sci Fi Staircase
8. Sorry I Make You Lush
9. Kwikwidetrax
10. Nighty Night
This is a really good summer thang. Kinda like a trip to Ibiza without the drunken Germans and the bad House music.
It all starts with the first song (called "Saddic Gladdic") and a pleasantly playful quirky little sound that's bouncing up and down the track like there's a ball to chase. This can get you to think of playgrounds - maybe because there's a little kid opening the song - or it can just remind you of a good summer afternoon, that's not too laid back, instead getting you to break a sweat, but it's still relaxed enough for you to recharge your batteries.
For the next track, we turn the clock a couple of minutes forward, because "I'm Singing" is appropriate for an early night - or late evening. The location also changes from out in the sun, to the designed cool of a trendy place. The 'I'm singing' singing gives this the über-hip undertone. But the playfulness of the first song will hopefully keep the 'Café Del Mar' people away. Nevertheless, those people will enjoy the tune and they will also dig their manicured fingers into the exquisite "Nightly Night" and "Shadows", which, as many other songs on here too, sound kinda French. Whatever that means.
Listening to the drum on "The Funnies", "Saddic Gladdic" and "Quadra Y Discos", they are as close to rap Standards drums as one can get. But what Wagon Christ - aka Luke Vibert - puts over the backbone, does not conform with the stereotypical rap expectations. Instead there's well crafted melody fragments with sounds from a keyboard, of a progressed sci-fi type of tone colour (which is the good tone colour). Speaking of 'sci-fi', the song "Sci Fi Staircase" is taking us on a trip upwards, while not necessarily as high as comets and asteroids, but at least into the clouds and closer to a blinding sun.
The people with a desperate need for a head bopping beat will find nourishment for their desire on "UBFormby", while on "Kwikwidetrax" the word 'house' is followed by electro boogie synthesisers and later a sever break imposed by the word 'hip hop.' And from there the head nodding is going into overdrive again. And if all of this is not fast enough, there's always the breakbeats of "Sorry I Make You Lush", hovering under the Acid sound.
The quality of the records sometimes shows in something as simple as when you have to pick tracks for the snippets. If you struggle to decide which five to select, that's because there's either no five good songs on it, or it's a struggle to only pick five songs. This release here is one of the latter. And this album is only ten songs deep. So let's do the math: ten songs, more than five are really good; so basically, more than 50 percent of the album is good. Now, that's a percentage not too many releases have achieved lately.
review: tadah
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