The Wanker Diaries
label: jerk-a-lot

mixtape includes: m.o.p., dilated peoples, j-live, el-p, gang starr, rasco, nas, freddie foxxx, akrobatik, slum village, others.

year of release: 2003
Donald Trump doesn't like shacking people's hands. He finds it to be a non-habit. As with so much blood on his fingers, he might be a little anxious that other guys don't wash their hands as good as he does (settle down it's a joke). Now, when you consider all the masturbating rhetoric on DJ Hands Solo's first mixtape "The Wanker Diaries", you might be a little cautious to shake this man's hands too. Well, you know, there's something about Mary hair gel style why. At the same time however, if someone who juggles his balls every now and then, thus is good at that, might be good at juggling a beat as well. You know, he's good with his hands, right?
So if spanking the monkey is what Hands likes to do, then other DJs might as well try it, cause it certainly didn't hurt this guy. Because as humble he was when he told us about the tape, as good it actually is. No, he's not Baby Shortkut, or Lil' Craze. But he's effective. And he has an ear for music, that allows him to know when it's good to do juggling, when the track is right to do double timing, when a blend works and etc. Because quite frankly, not everything works with everything.

But a little double timing with "Unfucwitable" by Lady Of Rage is nice. Putting J-Live's "Like This Anna" over the RJD2 remix of Mos Def and Diverse's "Whylin' Out" is also niiiiceee. And the same remixer treats El-P's "Lazerfaces Warning" later on in the mix. And if you find that these three tracks are kinda nice, then be assured that the Steve dissin' M.O.P. "I Gotta Go" (as of yet unreleased), Little Brother's "The Way You Do It", Ras Kass' "Golden Chyld", Non Phixion's "Drug Music, Gang Starr's "Natural", Slug & Murs "Hot Bars", right next to a Freeway, Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel "What We Do" are good tracks too. And mixtapes are at least as much about good tracks, as they are about good mixing.
And there's nothing to complain about on the flip as well, where we get tunes by Rasco "U Got The Time", Soul Position "Unlimited", Snoop Dogg "The One And Only", Nas' immaculate "Made You Look", Lewis Parker "Inkognito", Diverse "Build", Freddie Foxxx "Scram", Akrobatik "Strictly For The DJs" and even Morcheeba feat. Slick Rick's "Women Lose Weight Remix". With the turntable trickery being on the same level, there's even a special little extra something that might get some folks turn their heads. Because Hands Solo has more drops on this tape than a hurricane brings along raindrops. You got everyone from Evidence to RJD2 to DJ Vadim to Bumpy Knuckles to The Clipse to do a drop for the man. Plus you get more references to wanking, often from the "American Beauty" flick, to round this out as the masturbating propaganda it also seems to be.
Therefor, get this in either all the good record stores in Zürich, or order it at And you might not want to shake the man's hands the next time you see him, but you should still pat him on the back to congratulate him for this dope tape.
review: tadah
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