label: dj next

mixtape includes: j-zone, akrobatik, promoe, beatnuts, louis logic, god complex, binary star, apathy, mr lif, others.

Side A
1. Intro
2. A.T.C.Q. "NEXTcursions"
3. Kindred Minds feat. Exile
4. Rapordy (Skit)
5. J-Zone, Al-Shid, Huggy Bear "Can Of Whuppin'"
6. Akrobatik "Militant Raw"
7. Perfect Strangers "Formula Fresh"
8. Promoe "It's Promoe"
9. DutchMassive (Of Equilibrium) "My Own Shit"
10. I.G. Off & Hazadous "The Nicest"
11. General Stoor "Freestyle"

12. DJ Unknown & Mek (Brock Landers & Chest Rockwell) "Don't Fuck With Chest And Brock"

13. Artifacts "Wrong Side Of The Tracks"
14. O.C. "Time's Up"
15. H.O.P. feat. Guru "Fed Up"
16. Beatnuts "Reign Of The Tech"
17. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo "Ill Street Blues"
18. Set Camp "Hostile Takeover"
19. Rapordy pt. 2 (Skit)
20. Insomniac "Freestyle"
21. One Verse feat. Clokworx "Babylon"
Side B
1. Mmm Drops (Beats, drops and cuts)
2. Del "Interlude"
3. Del "Hoe"
4. Lous Logic, Adam12 ft. Fizz One "Recorded Live from Buddafett's basement"
5. God Complex "Strontium 1999"
6. The Technicians "Curly Hair Down There"
7. Ghost of Red5 "Interlude"
8. JDaka "Alien B-Boy" vs. Shiz aka 'MindBender'
9. T.S.S. Posse Cut (Narural, AmsUno, Agent Tesseract, Vocab)
10. DJ Upperkut "Nonsequence"
11. Binary Star "Reality Check"
12. Evidence, MadChild, Everlast, Divine Styler "Bottle Rocket"
13. Apathy "Open Mic Freestyle"
14. Obnoxious, ChamPon, JDo "Next Shit"
15. Tranzcend "Metaphysics"
16. Super Luva Cee & Casanova Rud "Supa Casanova"
17. MC Shan "I Pioneered This"
18. Big Daddy Kane "On The Bugged Tip"
19. Rapordy pt. 3 (Skit)
20. Public Service Announcement - interlude
21. Porn Theater Ushers ft. K-No Supreme "Bug Men"
22. Polymortik "Dark Ages"
23. Mr Lif "Freestyle"
24. Akrobatik "Vibes and Lyrics" ft. Akro on the Verbal, One and Two's
Bonus: Tribute to 1st Degree (R.I.P. 1999)


A Tribe Called Next

This is some 120 minutes evening entertainment. Not only because this tape has tons of exclusives, created solely for this tape, unreleased stuff, freestyles, whatever. Naw, it has a "Rapordy" skit, that is featured throughout the tape and that mocks "Jeapordy" in a very, very funny way. Not just because of the dope rework of the theme tune, it also feature three very distinctive and different contestants and the whole plot and progression of the skit is very amusing. You will enjoy listening to this lounging on your sofa, as well as playing it in the ride, on the beach, wherever, whenever. Man, and that Delta sponsor part is beyond believe funny, but let this be all that is said about the skit.

Cause a mix tape is not a mix tape without some music right? After the obligatory intro, Next switches to a little classic in the form of Tribe's "Excursions", he humbly renames "NEXTcursions". Quite crudely he stops that track to go into the first exclusive: a dope dramatic string beat (of unaccredited source) with Kindred Minds feat. Exile busting rhymes, until the beat switches to some threatening deep thump monster. And then there's the thunderous "Militant Raw" by Akrobatik, with it's staccato drums, a dope hard banger. Fresh off the "Windows 98" DutchMassive of Equilibrium contributes an unreleased "My Own Shit", with funky drums, a bouncy and sunny beat, that will be heard on many mixtapes to come when it finally will be released. Then there's the 'back in the days' part with tracks by Artifacts, O.C., House Of Pain feat. Guru, The Beatnuts and Kool G Rap & DJ Polo. Well, add to this freestyles by General Stoor and Insomniac, tracks by J-Zone, Al-Shid and Huggy Bear, Perfect Strangers, Sweden's Promoe, I.G. Off & Hazadous, Set Camp, One Verse feat. Clokworx and a turntablism effort by DJ Unknown & Mek, and we have only reached the end of side one.

And the second site is pretty much ridiculous with exclusives and starts with shouts by Freestyle (Arsonists), Crazy Legs (RSC), Bobitto and a bunch of others, as well as Del, who also contributes the next track "Hoe". This is followed by Louis Logic, Adam12 and Fizz One spitting life to a Mr. Lif beat, God Complex reunite for "Strontium 1999", a dope science fiction cut in the tradition of the Rebel Alliance. Then there's Binary Star doing "Reality Check" and this track has got to be released and not just remaining to be exclusively recorded for this tape. This track is hot. Then there's the spaced out bouncyness of Tranzcend leading up to another short installment of classics featuring Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, MC Shan and Big Daddy Kane. Porn Theatre Ushers come back with an unreleased "Bug Men", that's gonna be buggin' you, man. On some sonic, cosmic tip are Polymorfik. And Akrobatik is ending this side with "Vibes And Lyrics". Once again add a turntablism cut by The Technicians, contributions by Ghost of Red5, JD aka Alien B-Boy, Shiz aka MindBlender, a T.S.S. posse cut featuring Natural, AmsUno, Agent Tesseract and Vocab, another cut by DJ Upperkut, Swollen Members, Obnoxious, ChamPon, JDO on some "Next Shit" and finally freestyles by Apathy and Mr Lif. Wheew!

With this being more a compilation than a turntable trickery mixed-tape, this is nevertheless highly enjoyable, and this should be out as an all formats release. But that's not botheringme right now, cause the tape player just ate the tape, gotta fix that....damn.

review: tadah

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