Talk To The Hand
label: jerk-a-lot

mixtape includes: lord finesse, common sense, mobb deep, das efx, artifacts, nas, tha alkaholiks, raekwon, large professor, others.

year of release: 2004
Last night a DJ saved my life. Not really, but somewhat. So this DJ made my day. His name? Hands Solo. How did he save that day? With "Talk To The Hand", which is his mix tape. With 'tape' meaning tape, not meaning CD. With 'mix' meaning mix, not meaning 'compilation'. So this is quite a trip back memory lane. As are the songs on here.
Because Hands Solo opts for old lost gems, remixes, rare songs, stuff you might just not have heard before, or heard and treasured, or heard and forgotten about; well, basically, it's old stuff you'll love. Because we're moving back about ten years, to the true golden years of rap, where samples reigned supreme, where they could still be played in the open, and where a wack emcee would be boomed faster off the stage at the Apollo than white 5 percenter.
Hands starts out with a dope "Intro", that's based on a Soul gem, with ill scratches following and paving the way for the numerous 'love lost' quotes off of songs and the "High Fidelity" flick. Plus shouts, from everyone. Starting with MF Doom, continuing to Cappadonna, Louis Logic, Vinnie Paz, to J-Live, DJ Babu, etc.

But the true champions are the songs. So stay with a great Nas "Street Dreams (K-Def Remix)" or a brilliant "Word Life (DJ Celory Remix)" by O.C. We get stuff that did come out, but not very officially, like Jemini The Gifted One's "50 MC's In A Cipher", or just good old classics like The Beatnuts' "Props Over Here", the Artifacts "Wrong Side Of The Tracks", Mic Geronimo's "Unstoppable" or Common Sense's Ice Cube dissing "The Bitch In Yoo". We get several double features, like Pete Rock & CL Smooth with "Mecca And The Soul Brother (Remix)" and "We Specialize", or Common also gives "Resurrection (DJ Honda Remix)", Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell (Large Pro Remix)" and O.C. gives "Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix)".
Aight, already excited? How about Pudgee feat. The Notorious B.I.G. and Lord Tariq's "Think Big", Large Professor's "Get Off That Bullshit", Raekwon's "Rainy Dayz (Remix)" or Lord Finesse "Down For The Underground" and Masta Ace's "Saturday Nite Live (L.A. Jay Remix)"? All in all, there's 28 selections on this tape, and if you say: 'only?', then be told that Hands Solo does us the favor of really playing out the songs, rather than stopping them short, covering them with too many turntable trickery, or whatnot. Nope, here you can listen to these old gems you damn miss.
Thus, this tape is great. Heck, it will sit very comfortably in my tape deck for the next couple of months. And the only thing better than this tape would be to own all the songs on vinyl, or a compilation with all these songs on it, made straight off their masters. Well, while the second is as unrealistic as Dan Quayle winning a spelling bee (to keep the jokes roughly in that time period), the first can be taken care off, if you log on to, where you can buy this tape (it's also available in Zürich's record stores), as well as stacks of great old vinyl records, that are either on this tape or could be on this tape.
review: tadah
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