Trade Highway

production: polyphonic, credo, maker

year of release: 2004
guests:, seel fresh IBC

side one: 1. Tirade Highway; 2. Tirade Highway (Instrumental)

side two: 1. Synth3po; 2. Synth4po feat. Seraphim, Tes & Mike Ladd
Apsci, or as they used to be called: Applied Science, are no newbies to this game, y'all. Nope. They've been at it for a little. They being Dana Diaz Tutaan and Ra LaMotta, as well as DJ Big Wiz. Dana does the singing, Ra does the rapping and producing, and Wiz does what DJs do. And if you wonder who they are associated with - cause it's always about who you run with, right? (yeah, whatever) - check "Synth4po": this track features Seraphim (of No Surrender), Tes and Mike Ladd.
This association tells you a lot: dude's are intelligent; dudes are creative. Both attributes go for Apsci too. Even though first you'll be like: "naw, not one of those desperately trying to be creative and out there people again." That you say when you hear "Tirade Highway". But after a while the crazy sounds settle, Ra raps, and it all makes sense. Even when Ra starts quoting or mocking Missy Elliott. Later Dana sings. And when you hear a woman singing on a rap song, then - sorry - today it lets you think of BEP. What is a bad insult to Apsci though. Because Dana is the better and more disturbed and disturbing singer. She's much more appreciated that Fergie, even though her rhymes are a little basic on a song like "Rob The Bank" (a song that's not on the 12" though, so don't worry).
Things then stay equally out there, while somewhat closer to us on "Synth3po". And Ra is certainly one that say a lot of weird, albeit clever things that we can understand but maybe only after walking the thin line between wackiness and smartassity. What then finally gets us to "Synth4po", where Ra ends this song with "if my vote doesn't count, your office doesn't either". And we'd like to end this review with saying that the 12" offers three good songs, more than three excellent rappers, and an anxiety for that "Get It Twisted" album that is somewhere out there.
review: tadah
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