Space Tech Banana Clip

label: embedded

production: mf doom, el-p, dj pre.

guests: jungle mike

year of release: 2004
side one: 1. Space Tech Banana Clip (clean); 2. Space Tech Banana Clip (dirty); 3. Space Tech Banana Clip (instrumental); 4. And One And What (clean)
side two: 1. All The Wy Hype (clean); 2. All The Way Hype (dirty); 3. All The Way Hype (instrumental); 4. And One And What (instrumental)
From a 'galaxy far, far in the east coast', the Babbletron rocket jockeys appear with a three track 12", that's combining the best of the album, with the best off the album. Meaning, we get "Space Tech Banana Clip", the track that was produced by MF Doom, and that moves in warp speed. At least compared to all the other rap tracks that drag and lag through their low 90 to less bpms. Lyrically, the jaymanila and Calm-Pete have to step down on the tongue accelerator too, as they bushwack through sci-fi references, visiting Zoiberg, the force is with 'em, to innocently ask "you think all we aliens do is body snatch?", to later angrily state "I'm intergalactic planetary, god damn it", right after they mention "nasty like Janet". Visionaries? Maybe.
Then there's "And One And What", a move in move out song produced by Babbletron DJ Pre and featuring fellow Defender Jungle Mike. Using a more poetic approach to recite something about women, a bar, shop lifting and teen idols. The whole track moves cloudy and there are more psychedelic moments than in the Voodoo tent backstage at Woodstock. Lastly there's "All The Way Hype", produced by the man El-P. He sticks to a punching bass, some punches receiving moaning, drums that are on subconsciously and consciously, as well as little else. The men with the microphone take the moment the say clever things, getting smirks out of fooling peaceniks and health tips. What's along the lines of the album, along the lines of Besserwisser, and along the lines we like to snort with our ears.
review: tadah
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