Just Begun

label: sound ink

production: king honey, team shadetek

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Just Begun (Early Mix - Dirty); 2. Just Begun (Late Mix - Dirty); 3. Just Begun (Late Mix - Clean)

side two: 1. Just Begun (Sik Sht Scritchmix - Dirty); 2. Just Begun (Sik Sht Scritchmix - Scritchstrumental); 3. Just Begun (Accapella)
Our good friends over at Rhythm-Incursions have been playing the Team Shadetek Remix of Baby Blak's "Just Begun", well, practically in every show since they first got their hands on the track. The official name of the ditty is "SiK Sht Scritchmix" and with the first couple of shivering sounds, you know that you're in for something different. Even though the drum is actually a really standard boom bap, Shadetek put a whole lot over it, like adding a rather simple, melodic and butchered horn during the hook parts. And as much the two things - beat and rhymes - seem to have their own lives, they still in quite a magical way, connect. And Baby Blak is riding this horse, much more than leading it by the reins.
This mix is however only the b-side. On the a-galaxy, we find two versions of "Just Begun" - both done by King Honey - one called "Early Mix" and the other "Late Mix". While the first puts some Philly sound samples behind the braggadocio rhyming, it's completed with orchestra chiming. This is definitely the most traditional 'rap' version of the song, as on the "Late Mix", Honey is playing an organ and adds some of that bip hop static. Interestingly enough though, the lyrics are the clearest on this version. Where we find Baby Blak not just bragging and boasting, but picking himself apart, picking you apart, heck, even picking his hood apart, with a lackadaisical flow that can still grow a tad more natural. But it's already enough cocky, like when Baby bastardizes the ATCQ "Award Tour" hook. And the best thing about this 12" is that all three versions will find their fans. Certainly not equal in style, but all three are equal in quality, making this 12" one of the most interesting ones we've heard lately.
review: tadah
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