The Great Bizczar

label: good to go

production: riotone

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. The Great Bizczar (original); 2. The Great Bizczar (underground)

side two: 1. I Come From The South Side Of Chicago (original); 2. The Great Bizczar (underground instrumental)
Vinyl. Still considered the true format for rap music. That's why every now and then an artists releases his music on vinyl, even though the vinyl market is much smaller than the CD market, especially for someone that no one has ever heard of. What is probably a fair assumption, that you have never heard of The Bizczar Sinista. Then again, maybe you have?
The man's from Chicago and he gives us two songs on this record. Which has one big problem: Sinista is a very simple rapper. You wanna call his flow 'old school', but then you fear you'd insult the artist from back then. But he does mention 'old school' in the hook too. And his sing songy style with a very simple flow is just really, well, old school. The lines he says are kinda basic too, but with better presentation would still be okay, albeit they are rather simple battle verses. And the do the fake way little kids present a memorized poem. So all in all, Sinista really struggles to sound good and fails in the process. Not the beat by Riotone though. He hooks up a guitar, very good horns and gives us something that works now and will work in ten years too. He also flips things for the remix version (called underground version), which gets a little darker, and actually less appealing than the original version. And so they definitely put the wrong version as an instrumental on the flip.
Also on the flip we get "Come From The South Side Of Chicago", again produced by Riotone. Here Sinista rep's his hood, and gets even more sing songy. Actually so much, that he's right smack on the line between singing and spitting. Riotone is right smack on the money again with this beat, with a piano plucking in the back.
On "The Great Bizczar" he says: "Respect my style, cause I'm from the old school". We might respect him because he's from the old school, but his style? Well, do we have to? It's not even like his style was very good back in the old days. So while we respect the effort, and really respect the good beats by Riotone, Sinista, well as for Sinista, sorry…
review: tadah
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