Grown Man Rap

production: exile, rath khy, hoax one

guests: exile, main flow, aloe blacc
year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Grown Man Rap feat. Exile; 2. Professional Tactics feat. Main Flow & Aloe Blacc; 3. Excellence, Integrity; 4. Another Option; 5. Breakin' My Heart

side two: 1. Grown Man Rap (instrumental); 2. Professional Tactics (instrumental); 3. Excellence, Integrity (instrumental); 4. Another Option (instrumental); 5. Breakin' My Heart (instrumental)
What is it with rappers and their choice of beats? Of course it all boils down to taste, but too often rappers should get smacked for their choices. And what is it with rap from both coasts now mainly sounding the same?
These are questions you might ponder when listening to this 12". The first one is somewhat interesting, as DJ Exile of Emanon did two beats on here, and he's usually able to really come through with good beats. His "Grown Man Rap" will however not sound right for everybody. It's not bad, because bad is "Excellence, Integrity". This Spanish/Mexican guitar just does not sound right. The fake drum sounds then make it even worse. Rath Khy should get sanctioned for this beat, despite the musicality that usually is something we praise. Better is "Another Option" with a touching piano, that fits the melancholic verses. This was produced by Hoax One, as is "Breakin' My Heart", which is solid, but little more.
Lyrically Blame One spits lines like: "I don't care if kids download the words I speak / cause it was design to improve your mind" and covers all the basics: braggadocio on "Excellence, Integrity", politics on "Professional Tactics" with Main Flow and the always dope Aloe Blacc, personal verses on the really good "Another Option", and real life issues on "Breakin' My Heart" where he talks about how some people call him the best and about others that are not impressed. This review definitely leans toward the latter. There's nothing wrong with Blame's music: he's not a bad rapper, his beat selection is sometimes fishy, but not really opting for horrible music. So there's nothing wrong with it. But the problem is, that there's not really much more than 'nothing wrong' right about the 12". And that's not enough.
review: tadah
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