All Come Along

production: skip skoolnik, foundation and pickster one, red salinas.

guests: 2mex

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. All Come Along (Street); 2. All Come Along (Radio); 3. All Come Along (Beat)

side two: 1. Word Of Mouth feat. 2mex (Street); 2. Word Of Mouth feat. 2mex (Radio); 3. Word Of Mouth (Beat); 4. Thought Criminal (Street)
The piano is catchy and wants you to play some throw-stone-and-don't-hop-into-that-field type of game. It's actually so catchy that Skip Skoolnik keeps the first part of "All Come Along" to just that piano and a drum line. Later he however adds a guitar and other little sounds, changing the beat up, and we're actually thankful for the instrumental version of this, as there are plenty of details to discover. Especially as towards the middle of the song, the journey is going into a completely different color scheme. The lyrics lead there, as they too move away from the fiery manifesto, into a call to arms. Brad B raises a fist and spits into the face of the Reptiles. And you're advised to listen to the lyrics closely and study the beat during track three - the instrumental version.
On the flip Brad B trades verses with 2mex on the Foundation and Pickster One produced "Word Of Mouth." Here he's really intending to say clever things, as he's flowing over a guitar laced beat that only really gets interesting once those other sounds come on. Actually as boring and 'eehh' this is, with every second spent, you'll start to get more and more into it. And 2mex of course rides this like the massive pro he is. Brad gets safely outshined; 2mex is just too charismatic for many to look good next to him.
Now last but not least, Brad takes on "Thought Criminal" with a Red Salinas beat. This is very misleading, as it starts very slow with a very smooth sample. But it's actually quicker than the other two (as the BPM number tells us). You kinda hope for the beat to build and grow during the verse, what only kinda happens during verse two. Therefore this is not fulfilling its potential. The sample is actually really nice and the thought out and observant lyrics by Brad on the 'reptile puppet show' gives plenty of reason to listen attentively. And that's more than what you usually can say about people's records, so Brad is definitely doing something right.
review: tadah
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