Dead Dogs Two

label: big dada | mush

production: clouddead, boards of canada

year of release: 2003
side one: 1. Dead Dogs Two; 2. Mulholland Instrumental
side two: 1. Dead Dogs Two (remixed by Boards Of Canada)
Retro is very chique in rap right now. But retro rap is too boring for cLOUDDEAD, the lo-fly super heroes Dose One, why? and odd nosdam. Now, they kinda go retro 80s on us. Kinda. Not really, but kinda. And so don't mind the flutes, don't mind the guitar, or the gaps, or the collage, or the images and don't mind the claim that we want to be part of a car crash or something. Don't mind nothing, unless you got the mind for it. And the stomach to stomach it. Because, hey, cLOUDDEAD are back, and they were thoughtful enough to invite Boards Of Canada (who are not from Nova Scotia, but from Scotland, by the way) in for the party. And it ain't a party until odd nosdam messed with the drums and Dose and why? murder rhymed. Sung. Not rapped. I mean, when was the last time they rapped on a cLOUDDEAD song.
So on some purely free association force feeding, "Dead Dogs Two" is out there. Yeah, what else is new? But we had years to come to terms with cLOUDDEAD's first appearance, and we grew with it. We're shock resistant now, like a good Swiss watch. And you can dive with it deeper than thirty meters. The only bugger is that this takes us deeper though. What all means that the structures and pure fruity core of the trio is still present, but the whole outside got redecorated. Meaning, these three tracks are still exciting, they make us wanna rush somewhere for the album "Ten", and in Boards Of Canada, Dose, why? and odd have found partners in charm. And in "Mulholland Instrumental" and the remix, we have found two great exclusives to this 12 inch.
The only let down? It's not a ten inch.
review: tadah
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