Jus Biz

production: prefuse-73, madlib, earmint

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Jus Biz; 2. Jus Biz (Instrumental)

side two: 1. Beyond, Beyond; 2. Beyond, Beyond (Instrumental); 3. Against Me
If you've tried to work a sampler, loop or chop a sample, or sequence lyrics over a beat, you respect what Prefuse-73 is doing. At the same time, while his solo stuff (that ever so often also features rappers) most of the time sounds rather mind blowing, he's still not really the best producer of beats for rappers. So in that vein, he's kinda like RJD2. Hence when we read that he did the beat on Diverse "Jus Biz", we're only half excited.
But get more excited when we hear that the beat is actually not half bad. But it's good, and it will even grow on you. But now why? Well, maybe because Prefuse didn't do the complex trickery and magic that he's so good at, but produced a straight rap beat, with very smooth textures and room for scratches. And with Diverse riding the track right, talking about 'jus biz' and the struggles and strives that come with it, this is a good song.
On the flip things get a little more dramatic with a Madlib beat on "Beyond, Beyond". Diverse again shows that he's actually quite a complex rapper, when he takes himself on a lyrical spaceship going to 'infinity and beyond', without cgi-toys though. And finally, there's "Against Me", produced by Earmint, and it's a third vibe on the third song. The beat futures a nice Hammond sound, with chops crashing in, while Diverse talks a little more on who is 'against him'. And as this song is also good, the 12" is a confirmation for why his album "One A.M." is so damn enjoyable.
review: tadah
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