The Dedication

label: trilogy

production: danny 'digger' frazitta, double j, shuko.

guests: o.c., born unique, mista sinista.

year of release: 2003
side one: The Dedication (Hold That Heat) feat. O.C., Born Unique 1. Radio Edit; 2. LP Version; 3. Instrumental; 4. A Cappella
side two: Ghosts Of Mars feat. Mista Sinista 1. LP Version; 2. Instrumental; 3. A Cappella; Irisch Cream (Shuko Remix) feat. Disko Dave 4. Radio Edit
Doujah Raze has been able to make a little name for himself, even before this release, and before he went on tour with Grand Agent, Large Pro and Camp Lo. This release however will do nothing less but secure his place as an entertainer that's capable of good music. Especially with "The Dedication (Hold That Heat)", which gives us Doujah plus O.C. and Born Unique. All three feel comfortable on this record to spit some decent 'straighten you up' rhymes. Decent in the best way of the word, resulting in a good song. That is however also due to the beat, thus it deserves part of the props. It's cool throughout but gives a little extra change up and sample, right before the hook comes on.
On the flip we get Double J producing "Ghosts Of Mars", while Mista Sinista is securing the aspect of good scratching. The vibe is much smoother than the a-side song, well, considering the music. Not considering the verses though, as Doujah still sticks to bragging and boasting on the first verse, while the second verse gets more introspective, as well as a little retrospective. What fits the last song on this disc: "Irish Cream (Shuko Remix)". This song has already been a hit for Doujah some months back, and gets reinvented for this release. What basically means that there's a reggae vibe strapped over the lyrics, creating a couple of wiggles with the hip, and turning it into a shameless party song. With value though, because the flute during the hook is straight up excellent. And while not everything on this record is as good as that little element in that one song, Doujah still does exactly as said before: he shows that he's capable of good music. And that's quite something in these over-saturated days.
review: tadah
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