New York City b/w Virginia

label: trilogy

production: shuko, disko dave

guests: mista sinista, thad reid, born unique

year of release: 2004

side one: New York City: 1. Radio Edit; 2. LP Version; 3. Instrumental; 4. A Capella

side two: Virginia feat. Thad Reid, Born Unique: 1. Radio Edit; 2. LP Version; 3. Instrumental; 4. A Capella
With astonishing regularity, the good people of Trilogy release a Doujah Raze 12". Not to say that there's a million of 'em out there, but considering that no one buys 12"es anymore, this effort and achievement is noteworthy. Especially if the music on the disc is actually good.
And the a-side "New York City" comes very correct. Produced by Shuko, a dude from Germany, he created something rather fresh and quick, with a great vocal sample for the hook, enough room for Mista Sinista to shine with his scratching (listen to the acapella to really appreciate them) and enough bounce to get your head in an up and down movement. Doujah takes this as his chance to spit about his current place of residence and does that with a smooth flow that hovers over the beat; far away to not get bumpy, but still close enough to show the connection. So flow good, lyrics interesting, if only the voice would be a little more memorable.
Never forgetting where he came from though, the flip "Virginia" takes us back to where a Doujah Raze was grown and raised. Doujah brings along fellow Virginian's Thad Reid and Born Uniqe to flow over a more relaxed Disko Dave beat. Doujah does not exactly get homesick, but you can tell that he has good memories of that state. And you can have good memories of this record, that will not blow you away, it's definitely not reinventing the wheel. But it achieves what it set out to do, and gets our head nodding in the process.
review: tadah
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