Steady Bombin' - The Return Of Dread Kaczynski

label: black love

production: dj midas, small-j, mums the word

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. The Return Of Dread Kaczynski (Clean); 2. The Return Of Dread Kaczynski (Clean); 3. 1998 (clean); 4. 2008

side two: 1. Somethin' About Mary; 2. Somethin' Else About Mary; 3. Lbs. And Hugs
Everybody say: unsung hero. UNSUNG HERO - Yeah! - UNSUNG HERO. Thank you.
Please consider this an unofficial installment of Droop-Capone's unofficial hypeman. Cause Droopy Love, Droop-Capone, Dr.Oop or whatever he calls himself tomorrow, is one of those unsung heroes: Steadily releasing good music, while the world does not really seem to properly care. Kinda like the life of earthworms: nothing would grow on the fields without them, and you wouldn't have a pickle to pool out of your burger without the worms. But do we ever thank 'em for it? Nope.
Then again, what the hell was this metaphor supposed to mean? Well, if nothing else, that this music inspires to writer to get as wacky as Dr.Oop sometimes gets (he shouts out Hasselhoff after all). Not on this record here though, because the issues are serious. At least for those that receive Droop's mail. Because it's "The Return Of Dread Kaczynski" and he's steady bombin'. Over a distinctively un-coastal beat by DJ Midas, Droop rhymes some braggadocio lines, with more braggadocio lines, and if the whole song started out as a freestyle, it's not that big of a surprise.
This song shares one side of the record with the song "1998". Here Droops lyrics share the space with a sci-fi funk beat by the same DJ Midas. Lyrically we get a mix of self praising and 'ladies and gentlemen listen up cause shish is going bad.' All roughly put into a timetable of 1998 to 2008.
On the flip, "Somethin' About Mary" will get you bob to the beat and smile to the lyrics. Cause this Mary doesn't play with Justin (even though he probably plays with her), but this one plays with everyone. Cause Mary Jane is that kind of a woman. Droop even educates us on some kinds and terms, over a really relaxed and smooth Small-J beat. So we're all smiley when we reach the last song on here: "Lbs. And Hugs" produced by Mums The Word. Here Droopy's comedian character is in full gear, cracking jokes, and either high or not, you'll chuckle here and there.
Yes, that's Droopy Love for us. Man of many names, many styles and many qualities. So join in: UNSUNG HERO - Yeah! - UNSUNG HERO!
review: tadah
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