Gingerbread Man b/w My Love

label: f5 | daybyday

production: mf doom, dj crucial

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Gingerbread Man; 2. Gingerbread Man (instrumental)

side two: 1. My Love; 2. My Love (instrumental)
So, the sticker says that this record is a limited press of 50 copies. But the bio sheet says that there's going to be a proper release of the 12". Well, there better be, because this here is actually good. And this statement takes into consideration the not-so-impressive "Digital Tears" album and the how-could-it-be-bad release of "Special Herbs & Spices".
Which is also where you head "My Love" before. It's a Bonus Track on that record, with the promise attached that it'll be on the upcoming "American Hunger" album. So this is produced by MF Doom, and someone else would just sample that piano. But not Doom. He also puts disco 'boomp' sounds over it and a staggering drum, him hitting the stop-all-button whenever it damn pleases him. Grimm talks about struggles, about why he sends out his love to some people and some moments. Because all the other's try to choke the last breath of life and admiration out of him.
All of that in a harsh and unapologetic way, combined with Grimm's typical angst and with the typical arrogance of a rapper. In comparison, the a-side "Gingerbread Man" is almost comical and humorous. With an incredibly effective hook and a funky and bouncy DJ Crucial beat, this song is just as much a success as it's relative on the back. Grimm reinvents himself as someone that's 'addicted to murder' and as a gun slinging doughboy. And you don't want to take these lyrics serious, even if Grimm might just meant 'em like cancer. You want this to be a goodnight Halloween fairy tale. Also because of the careless beat. But is Grimm even able to write something carefree? If yes, this is what it sounds like.
review: tadah
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