Exclusive b/w Cookie Jones

label: hazmatic

production: the soulful mps

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Exclusive feat. Napolean Da Legend; 2. Exclusive (instrumental); 3. Exclusive (Acapella)

side two: 1. Cookie Jones (RIP); 2. Cookie Jones (instrumental); 3. Movin' Too Fast (Bonus Track)
The Soulful MP's did all the beats on the second Himalayan Project album (read the review) and now give us three beats on three songs by Haysoos. He starts with "Exclusive", a song driven by a complex flow and fast delivery and content that has a close eye on the world around Haysoos. On the hook he says "it's all about the music" and the music is one that pushes him forward with incredible jazz. There's a really nice horn that would make Pete Rock proud and all those lame drum using producers should study this percussion, cymbals and what not. For that you get the instrumental and though shalt not miss to listen to it.
On "Cookie Jones", the flow is slowed down, while lyrically Haysoos sticks to similar matters: he sounds like a politician or civil servant laying out his agenda, over a more or less upbeat vibe. And suddenly there's a horn, holy moly. This could actually get you to dance, and the instrumental can get you to fiend for another Jazzamatazz project. This time however, done by the MP's. It's on the last track though, where your neck will go into overdrive. On "Moving Too Fast" (already one of the best songs you'll hear all this year) Haysoos talks about a story of someone-he and someone-she, and how 'good things don't last if you're moving too fast', with the 'moving too fast' coming from a sample. The sample is excellently intertwined in the incredible flow and delivery of Haysoos, along with more jazz for that arse.
And because the jazz is so good on here, The Soulful MPs make up for all the unsatisfying moments they gave us on the Himalayan Project album. If this here is their new sound, then they just mastered one. And if Haysoos has more songs out or coming out, we desperately want to hear 'em.
review: tadah
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