Book Of Keys

label: sound ink

production: high priest

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Book Of Keys One; 2. Book Of Keys One Instrumental

side two: 1. Book Of Keys Two; 2. Book Of Keys Three
Want to know how this sounds? High Priest offers you a perfect description himself on "Book Of Keys Two": "this is meditation turned violent." That's a spot on assessment of the many contrastive tones: a surface of silence, sprayed with glue, and metal chipping thrown at it. Some stick, some don't. On part two, heavy metal guitars roar over a layer of a drum and under the overcast of sever changing and abandoned sounds. High Priest speaks about himself, comparing himself to Muhammed Ali and Chuck D, talking about New York.
On "Book Of Keys One", a kind of worming bass drills itself through the duration, while High Priest is speaking a cryptic language, with messages of "suicide watch is no shoes and belt", pretending that "it's going to be okay." Shortly before the track gets suddenly abandoned, there's a new sound coming on. It's only given a few moments, before the track starts to fade out and vibrates to a stop. Therefore only "Book Of Keys Three" really finds peace. And while the body still jerk in the minutes of meditation, the smooth and simple piano plucking is kept within a rhythm and calmness, that settles in between the tremor.
There's probably only around twelve minutes on this 12", leaving you little time to really come to terms with what you were just exposed to. Another fitting description, as you are exposing yourself to this like radiation. The long term effects are not yet known, but there seems to hardly be a quick and diverting harm or high.
review: tadah
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