label: third earth

production: blockhead, black panther, zeeby zeeb

guests: c-rayz walz

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. IndieInBurns feat. C-Rayz Walz (Radio); 2. IndieInBurns feat. C-Rayz Walz (Instrumental)

side two: 1. You Don't Want It (Radio); 2. You Don't Want It (Instrumental); 3. Art Imitates Life
Instead of reviewing this record, I'm tempted to write a Third Earth Music eulogy. Because this 12" is either one of the last or the last release this label, that gave us such great releases as Jean Grae's album, Roosevelt Franklin, the Juggaknots rerelease, Oddjobs, etc. etc. etc. will do. It's always sad to see a friend go, and Third Earth was a friend to everyone that liked good music.
But writing a eulogy when you're supposed to review this 12" wouldn't be fair to Icon The Mic King. Who is not accepting anything but complete and full and unconditional surrender, at least when it comes to rhyming and battling. So he shows all his cockiness and more on "You Don't Want It", a song that features plenty of 'you suck's and punchlines, over a not so incredible Zeeby Zeeb beat. Which uses some violins in a more or less creative way, what doesn't make 'em sound too good though. That's one of the songs on the flip, along with "Art Imitates Life", produced by should-be-better-known-than-he-is man Black Panther. Icon portrays a person, something that seems to be rather popular lately.
On the A-Side, Icon teams up with C-Rayz Walz over a effortless Blockhead beat, who just offers a good quality canvas for the rappers to paint their verses on "IndieInBurns". The lyrics can be of a person just about to snap into complete mental illness, the confused man, muttering to himself, walking through the night, frustratingly kicking cans that are not even there. Icon leaves C-Rayz a lot of room, but with the interloping of his and C's rhyme, plus the longer bars in between, Icon really shows how well he can ride a beat.
If this is the last ever Third Earth release, the label does not go with a nuclear bomb; it's not a TEOTWAWKI explosion. But still an explosion and people will hear it.
review: tadah
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