A Different Type Of Cancer

label: frontline

production: jeff baraka

guests: slug, juice.

year of release: 2003
side one: A Different Type Of Cancer 1. Radio Edit; 2. Street Version; 3. Instrumental; 4. A Cappella
side two: Rate Of Exchange feat. Slug, Juice 1. Radio Edit; 2. Street Version; 3. Instrumental; 4. A Cappella
When you got Slug and/or Juice on your record, the attention is guaranteed. But if you are a Chicago/Midwest underground icon yourself, your name (i.e. O Type Star, or Jeff Baraka) is going to be enough to get an audience to seek your record. And when you combine the two, then you got quite a momentum going. So basically, it wasn't necessary to include the two, but no one's complaining when O Type Star does just that.
On the b-side though, which is called "Rate Of Exchange", a song that discusses the scrilla, doe, money, dead presidents, benjamins, you know…and its consequences. The beat by Jeff is leaning more towards the bouncy side and to the style that defined rap the last couple of years. All three artists however feel comfortable over this song, and all obviously have had experiences enough to find something worthwhile to talk about.
On the a-side we get Jeff all by himself, talking about "A Different Type Of Cancer". The fact that he prints the lyrics though, must mean that he feels strongly about the words he had to say. And reading while listening, it doesn't take long for us to understand why, and also how misleading the title is (he's not talking about the illness but zodiac sign). Jeff goes "I figure you love life like I do / all we want is truth; like that anti-big tobacco campaign / it's a damn shame we got to search so hard / keep my guard in this city cause it's raw dog". What does not yet explain the title though. But with the beat being melancholy, with a hint of hope (also represented in the lyrics: "I pray for miracles to undermine empirical evidence, take precedence and let me win") though, Jeff refuses to just give in, because he's "an odd individual you outta luck with / a different type of cancer you can't fuck with".
So all in all, Jeff proves that he writes good lyrics and puts together the proper beats to go with the words. What strengthens his name, and makes us eager for the promised "Driving Songs Vol. 1" album.
review: tadah
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