Monotony b/w Get Your Shit Together

label: low life

production: jehst

guests: asaviour

year of release: 2004
1. Monotony (Radio); 2. Get Your Shit Together (Radio); 3. Monotony (Dirty); 4. Monotony (Instrumental); 5. Get Your Shit Together (Instrumental)
With tea it's like with UK rap: you might just have to travel to England to learn to appreciate it. Tea. Sounds very bland, boring. But you will only know how good tea can be, when you get the chance to taste good tea. Kinda like this rap thing again: amongst all the wastes, you will only realize what you missed, or what your taste buds had to endure, once you get quality. What explains why so much crap gets praised. The grasshoppers just don't drink good tea anymore.
And so, this will be a shock to 'em; the bareness, the nakedness of "Monotony". But quickly, you will get lost in the swamp of the music. The beat appears like the stereotypical (while not necessarily real) English fog, with clatter parting the humming sound. The bass is low and used reluctantly, creating Jack the Ripper's favorite hunting sonic weather. And lyrically, we get a word by word discussion of superiority and ills: "third degree heat, keep the fire lit / play my theme on invisible violins / a bouquet of barbed wire / seven sins, hyacinths / withered in an iron fist / strict italist / twist the pure weed, spit to raw beats".
And yes, the second song on here "Get Your Shit Together" is just as raw (and exclusive to this 12"). It also features Asaviour on the words, and beat wise we walk through a similar soup. The beat actually never seems to really start, while the lyrics never really stop. Jehst and Asaviour pass the mic on a four bar irregularity, and oppose every one's confusion with the perfect sum: "we're never led astray, because we don't follow".
So go to a store. Buy good tea. Leaves, no bags. Sit down. Dim the lights. Enjoy the tea with the tongue, and this music with the ears.
review: tadah
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