split 12"

label: tableturns

production: bt, mondee

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. J-Live "Don't Get It Backwards" (Main); 2. Slug "Keep Steppin'" (Main); 3. Invisible "From Sunset" (Main)

side two: 1. J-Live "Don't Get It Backwards" (Instrumental); 2. Slug "Keep Steppin'" (Instrumental); 3. Invisible "From Sunset" (Instrumental)
Okay now, this is a strange team up: J-Live, Slug and Invisible? Hmm….but then, they are not on one song, but actually each on one of the three songs. Phew. So with that moment of dread gone, we can listen to "Don't Get It Backwards" by the monster J-Live, can listen to "Keep Steppin'" by the darling Slug and can listen to "From Sunset" by Tableturns own Invisible.
J-Live gets a booming beat by BT with surprising orchestra moments, which he both rides in his flawless flow and with lyrics that are as always interesting, well written and always better to hear yourself, than to have their content be spoiled by a scribe. So all in all, "Don't Get It Backwards" is musically different to J-Live's usual forte, but the man can probably rhyme over looped fart samples and sound good.
Slug gives us another worker's anthem with "Keep Steppin'" as he's portraying a person - another angry American - who's just not exactly happy and content. You can't say that the beat is something new for Slug either, as he is known to rhyme over more 'traditional' rap beats lately. And what Mondee did for him could have also been picked by any of the other two rappers on this record. So all in all, Slug speaks to his audience, who are like 80% of the people out there: workers that have to keep steppin' in order to survive.
What finally gets us to Invisible, the man who already released an album on Tableturns (and read the review here). And while he's the least known of the three, if people pick this 12" up for the J-Live or Slug track, they'll go: 'Damn, Invisible came correct with his song too.' He is not the most complex and best emcee on this planet, and the hook is corny too, but "From Sunset" wins with another good BT beat and verses that ride it well.
review: tadah
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