Da Instigator b/w The Rebirth / Dreams

label: neblina

production: nick tha 1da, young valentine, dj resident

year of release: 2004

side one: K-Hill "Da Instigator" 1. Gutter Version; 2. Fresh N Clean Version; 3. No Hill Version (Instrumental); 4. No Nick Version (Acapella)

side two: 1. Chapter 13 "The Rebirth"; 2. Medinah General "Dreams"
The Carolinas are really doing it lately. There's no week - or if not week: month - without another new and equally dope artists from one of the two Carolinas appearing on the scene and living up to the standard we learned to expect. The newest names appear on a Neblina Records 12", it itself situated right thur. We get three tracks, all from the "Definition" project. And if this is a fair selection of tracks then you shalt seek for "Definition" too.
But first it's all about K-Hill and his track "Da Instigator". The team of K-Hill and Nick da 1da is not doing anything new really: we get braggadocios verses over a bouncy beat. But in all this simplicity, tradition, basic, solid, foundation of rap, you can do so much wrong. Not K though. He spits a couple of nice lines, with a jewel here and there, a little politickin', and all culminate as the ingredients for a track that will get every show hype.
Things don't drastically change on the flip, where two groups and two songs share the space and time. First Chapter 13 peeks out with "The Rebirth". Over a piano and a woman crooning, we get conscious verses, by two rappers who know how to ride a beat and by a producer who knows how to provide the proper vehicle. Later, "Dreams" by Medinah General rounds out the rather round vinyl. This track has a very similar DNA code to the other two songs, albeit it does not sounds like neither of the other two. Lyrically we are dragged into something that usually happens when you're asleep and goes poof when you wake up.
Rap does not have to be all fancy and chic and polished. Naw. All it needs is a well crafted beat, well written lyrics and a performer that utilizes his voice in a rhythmically precise and musical way. That's exactly what this record does, who puts another stone on the Carolinas board.
review: tadah
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