Pretty Brown Skin

label: longshot

production: loksmith, bor, caural, k. kruz.

guests: claudia, juice, diverse.

year of release: 2003
side one: 1. Pretty Brown Skin feat. Claudia; 2. Open Mouths Fed feat. Diverse; 3. Pretty Brown Skin instrumental; 4. Open Mouths Fed instrumental
side two: 1. Wicked & Raw; 2. No Wins feat. Juice; 3. Wicked & Raw Instrumental; 4. No Wins Instrumental
Longshot made it on one of those URB's next 100 lists. And while there's ninety nine more people that made it on this annual list, there's at least a hundred times that many that didn't. So that's an accomplishment, and even the most critical will admit that Longshot deserves to be on there. Not because he necessarily achieves anything new and groundbreaking. No, but because he's able to take all the traditions of rap and play with 'em to create something current, that's still kinda new, and thoroughly solid.
This twelve inch gives us four tracks from the really good "Open Mouth's Fed" album, and we start with the smash for the ladies: "Pretty Brown Skin". This ode to the beautiful women comes with a musical beat (by Loksmith, who also at least co-produced all the other songs), singing on the hook by Claudia and lyrics that are not tongue in cheek, but brutally honest to the bone. What all sounds like you better memorize the lyrics, cause it's Valentines Day soon. Well… not really, as the verse comes with a twist, on some hush hush tip. We next get to "Open Mouth's Fed", the title song of the previously mentioned album, and the song that features Diverse. The piano sample on the beat is one of those immaculate ones, inspiring the two wordsmiths to spit the appropriate stand and deliver verses.
On the flip, "Wicked & Raw" gets rather bare, thus Longhost depends on his lyrics to carry the weight. In contrast, "No Wins" gets really loud, aggressive, and Longshot invites Juice to spit some fire. Who sounds better on this song, as Longshot's smooth voice is struggling to put enough gritty cadence into his pronunciations. Hence Juice steals the show on here, what still gives Longshot the quota of three outta four. What's pretty good, while this 12" is pretty and good.
review: tadah
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