label: sound-ink

production: the worm

guests: dibot

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Hookers; 2. Tennis With Roan

side two: 1. Books Books Books, Mandi Rmx; 2. The Real Estate Agents feat. Sibot
Sound Ink for a big part releases electronic music. Now, before you smartasses go: "well, today most music is electronic, and not acoustic", lemme shush you and move on. Cause you know what I mean. Electronic music however is not one big happy family, but there's actually a lot of different letters in its alphabet. The Sound Ink electronica usually leans to the more abstract of things. So again on here on "Hookers", where South Africa's Markus Wormstorm puts sounds of racing cars over a quick drum, and blips and bips and blops and other random sounds. Using such a strange sample as racing cars actually shows something quite schizophrenic. Because ever so often electronica goes out and records sounds. Uses the sounds in nature to make music. It thus goes full circle from the people that started banging two sticks together to 2004 and back by recording someone banging two sticks together. Or someone racing cars around a track.
Not so much on "Tennis With Roan", where the sounds are kept within bits and bites, adding a nice little echo doom to the heavy scratching and tweeting sounds. It's also closer to "Books Books Books, Mandi Rmx" than "Hookers". Even faster drums and even lower worming sounds, build on this b-side track, that really gets going, once the massive orchestra appears. The track really gains by this, and thankfully does not abandon it as quickly as it picked it up, making this the best moments on the record. Even though we haven't yet discussed "The Real Estate Agents" featuring Sibot. But as decent this is, its feng shui is also a little previously heard. As is the whole record by far nothing of ground breaking originality.
So where do you listen to this? Dance club? Naw. Museum? Maybe. This record, and with it, so much Electronica in general is incredible elitists. It's always difficult to listen to, very seldom casual. So is Wormstorm, who is like a musical synthetic drug: rough, stabbing, unpredictable. Dare to take it.
review: tadah
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