Joe Fetter b/w Windy

label: egruks | thornbox

production: dj waht

guests: slug

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Joe Fetter

side two: 1. Windy feat. Slug of Atmosphere
Mr. Skurge gives us two tracks, and comes correct with "Joe Fetter". It's a satiric portray of someone 'normal', following the rules of. It's one of those guys who's never too late, but the one time he is late, he gets into a lot of trouble. While the one always late always gets away with it. It's normal to oblivion, something that many rappers have found a worthy topic to rap about. Maybe because it shares the philosophy with Reality TV, and rappers are conditioned. The TV spikes it's normality, so that it gets to be extraordinarily normal. Kinda like this here, as Skurge starts out with the story of a regular dude, suddenly giving the post a twist, with things bad and you better listen to the story yourself. The beat is centered around a flute, a bass and a drum, keeping things simple.
The flip will initially attract more listeners, merely for the fact that everybody's darling Slug is on it. The track is called "Windy", which Skurge opens to tell his mirror reflection that amongst all despair and horror, there can still be good. The glass is always half full. Slug follows with another report on the burden he carries, both rhyming over a beat that's reminiscent of very early Anticon material. What does not need to surprise you, considering that both are "Music For The Advancement Of Hip Hop" graduates. This record is however light-years away from that one release, less light-years away from bad lyrics and bad beats too. A small gift by a gifted Mr. Skurge.
review: tadah
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