F.O.I.L.(i rock) / Hola Plastique

label: sound ink

production: squid

year of release: 2004
website: plasticlittleraps.com

side one: 1. F.O.I.L.(i rock)

side two: 1. Hola Plastique
Either Plastic Little has studied "Blow Me Another Lollypop" by S'Express closely, or this is a case of great minds think alike. Because "Hola Plastique", the b-side of this Sound Ink 7" release has definite - while small - similarities to "Blow Me Another Lollypop". And yes, b-side wins again, as this song is as good as what Mark Moore did back in 1989.
Now, if the foursome that is Plastic Little actually did take a hint from this unfairly forgotten song, then they are merely showing that they have a good taste. Just as much as they are showing that they have a weird sense of humor. After all the first dude rapping on here talks about how he's a teapot. With beatlesque lyrics like "when I get all steamed up, hear me shout / just tip me over and pour me out", you gotta wonder if you're missing the joke. As the rhetoric is moving more and more into porn a intermezzo, the fog - or steam - starts to lift off the… uhm… metaphor? Later cunnilingus and Clark Cable are mentioned in the same line, the prayer "Jesus please make me a dope emcee" is sent to the heavens, and these guys probably serve magic cookies with their tea and milk.
Side A "F.O.I.L (i rock)" - F.O.I.L. being an acronym for something - digs out a hard and heavy drum, puts it over a kiddy organ and wrecked guitar, while the two rappers again declare 'fuck Tupperware' and shout out one hit wonder Ini Kamoze. And speaking of one hit wonders: Years ago a record like this would actually have the chance to become a hit. Today, however, the industry is so uninterested in anybody outside of the gloss circle, that it's very unlikely that Plastic Little will gain anything else but the admiration of the good, the hip and the wifey.
review: tadah
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