label: audio 8

production: polyphonic the verbose

guests: sunn tha sarkastik, polyphonic, felsh o.n.e., a.m. overtone.

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Enter The Pimp; 2. Master Of The Universe; 3. Prostitute Karaoke

side two: 1. Shadow Of The Empire; 2. Line After Line; 3. Instrumentals And Skipless Scratch Loops
Let's make a mixtape together. You know grab a couple of record, pick the songs we like the most, put 'em on a tape, listen to it in the car. That kind of a mixtape. On the stacks of records to pick songs from, there's this 12" called "Prostitute Karaoke". First of all, if we cannot figure out what the name of the group/artist is, then the label and/or graphic designer hasn't done his/her job right. So, considering that Prostitute Karaoke seems to be the only reasonable name here, let's go with it.
Let's listen to the music then. What song to pick? Cause if we don't find a song to put on our mixtape, then the whole record is a waste. "Enter The Pimp" sounds kinda interesting. The background has an early 90s westcoast vibe, some live instrumentation feel, with flutes, also some guitar and thankfully this is still dirty and monotonous. Lyrically whoever's talking slaps some sense into the use of the 'term' pimp, amongst a whole lot other. This is six minutes long, so we don't mind that it changes halfway through the song, and gets better. Maybe because or maybe despite it moving away from rap into more Jazz waters.
The second song "Master Of The Universe" at first sounds quite like a waste. The dude rhyming desperately tries to sound like Latyrx but only achieves to be a whispering off beat rapper. The beat is confusing, moving all over the place, changing the background in a random fashion. And while the over all feel does get rather good at certain moments, if this song would be a little more sorted (not much though) and Latyrx would rhyme over it, it would be really good. Heck, then again this is rather good. Not the title track "Prostitute Karaoke" though, it giving you mostly boring talking, a beat that changes, a lot of jazz and again an appeal for all the wrong reasons.
On the flip we get "Shadow Of The Empire", a song that seems to continue what the previous songs predicted: more jazz, a nightly vibe and bad rapping. Polyphonic The Verbose really is the hero of this record, because he's holding everything together, and gives the music a lot of texture. Even the moments where he sounds like he's trying too much at the same time, once things have settled, you can tell that the intentions were and the result is good. But that has us ask for instrumental versions of these songs. Because the lyrics are entirely forgettable. And you must hope that you'll quickly forget about "Line After Line", because this song is actually rather and fully horrible.
The record ends with "Instrumentals And Skipless Scratch Loops", which aren't exactly what we asked for. And they are also no good pick for our mixtape. So which song is? Probably "Master Of The Universe", despite its obvious flaw. Heck, despite this records obvious flaws.
review: tadah
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