Nuff Teef

production: psyche origami, captain mudfish starbolt.

year of release: 2003
side one: 1. Nuff Teef (Brushed); 2. Nuff Teef (instrumental); 3. Eye Detector (Brushed); 4. Eye Detector (instrumental)
side two: 1. Dead Right (Brushed); 2. Dead Right (Dirty); 3. Dead Right (instrumental)
This is the second Psyche Origami 12" I review. I can't remember the first, to be honest. What either means that I'm listening to too much music, or that the other 12" was forgettable. Well, to refresh our memories, we can read that review here. At the same time however, we know that this 12" (with selections from the "Is Ellipsis" album) will be remembered, as it includes one incredible song.
And the song is another case of 'the b-side wins again', because "Dead Right" is just hard to beat like that. The piano sample is incredible. And it goes and goes and goes before Wyzsztyk is even saying a single word. Instead he searches through his rhyme book to just find the proper lyrics to bless this incredible music. Wyz' decided to spit some representing and some conscious (like "I can't sweat tomorrow because I'm hungry today") lyrics over the harder drum that gets added to the piano. Even though the sample sounds quite spiritual, the combination with braggadocio still works, and thus this song is just butters. The biggest 'fault' about this song is that it ends a little sudden. Actually it just breaks apart, as if the producer didn't know how to properly end this. Even though he ends the song the same way as he leads from the intro into the song. That doesn't make it better though.
There's however two more offerings on here, both on the a-side. The first is "Nuff Teef", a song opening with a nifty little 'but you can't have it, you don't have enough teeth to chew it' sample. This song pulls a rap version of 'I can't get no satisfaction', as that's what Wyzsztyk is talking about. At the same time he also gets a couple of boasting verses in there, again balancing two elements on a song. Finally there's "Eye Detector" and here the 'I'm bigger than you' reigns supreme. The beat got harder too, and it shows that in a very different way, Psyche Origami can do more than just one good song, as this is the second on this 12".
review: tadah
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