Rock Rock Y'all

label: hi-rise

production: mark ronson, dj sae one.

guests: saigon.

year of release: 2004
1. Rock Rock Y'all; 2. The Big Throwback; 3. Struggle feat. Saigon
All good things come in pairs. Kinda. But Samson and Sejour come as a pair and they are a good thing. On "Rock Rock Y'all" they intend to create a banger, but they put the hype engine in fourth, instead of sixth gear. What basically means that the beat by Mark Ronson is kinda hype, period, but not hype, exclamation point. Samson and Sejour however go after everything moving, on some "show me a target, I'ma hit it" agenda, never saying more than one line, juggling the mic back and forth between the two. And while the party might come to a rough interlude, as this is more angry than carefree, this has to be one of the favorites at every S&S show.
As typical of a 'I remember the days' track "The Big Throwback" is, there's always something charming about that kind of songs. So again here, where Sam and Sej remember the favorite or most present memories, with Mark Ronson creating a beat that puts the mind on a soulful ship. And with all aboard, we capture the 'there's no future without a past'. With the present appearing on "Struggle", where the two S's team up with another S, called Saigon. Who's by the way, one of the most attention grabbing emcees of late. And he teams up on some serious note, as the title promises, what the lyrics come through with. With Sae One putting more Soul into the song (and a dope change up sometime into the song), minus the unnecessary crooning of the predecessor song (i.e. "The Big Throwback"), he's creating something real.
And it rounds out a 12" without a wack song, and with each song being better than the one before. So if these guys grow over the stretch of songs, the last ten songs of a fourteen track album promise to be incredible. So put a close watch on all the 'new arrivals' shelves for the hopefully coming up Samson and Sejour album.
review: tadah
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