label: kru

production: snuff

guests: scandal of 40th dimension, aul purpis of prophets of the ghetto

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Countdown feat. Scandal, Aul Purpis (Radio); 2. Countdown (Instrumental); 3. I Wanna Smoke Wit Ya (Street)

side two: 1. Good vs. Evil (Radio); 2. Good vs. Evil (Instrumental); 3. Carshoppers (Street)
There have been a couple of KRU Records releases before, and they've just never really achieved to fully please. There was just something rather simple, kinda amateurish and rather void of all character and charm about the records. Now the label returns with a host of releases and again you're left unsatisfied.
Case in point is this Snuff "Countdown" 12". The beat on the title track is simple and while simple can work, this sounds like a lesser version of something the Porn Theatre Ushers have done years ago. And the beat is really holding this back, as the humor and ridiculous boasting of the rappers is actually pretty amusing. Things don't really get better with "I Wanna Smoke Wit Ya". Apart from the rhetoric being so played that even Snoop tried to quit on it, the beat is again not doing much to help the case. While the extremely low bass can give you an evil 'oh my neighbors are going to hate this song' grin, the rest is again the difference between industry production and putting some love in whatever you do. All ingredients are right, but there's just something missing.
On the flip we get "Good vs. Evil", where nothing really changes. Again Snuff raps well and you can even find some entertainment in listening to his 'I'm so twisted' verses. But there's just nothing particular about his music. Finally proving that he can do better, the bonus track "Carshoppers" is actually dope. The beat is fast and very old school, with the signature scratches and nice little vibes. Snuff never sounded this good before, and even though the hook could be better, this song about 'borrowing' cars will be kept in steady rotation. Therefore the conclusion must be that we cannot bother much for the first three songs, but like the forth quite a bit; that one is funky, the rest rather forgettable.
review: tadah
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