label: 2-nd

production: johan, pilot balloon

guests: k-the-i???, onedae, bashie.

year of release: 2003
websites: | | | |
side one: Stacs Of Stamina feat. k-the-i???, Onedae, Bashie 1.Isn't This Enough
side two: Pilot Balloon 1. Hug Dusty / Throe Stasis feat. Stacs Of Stamina; 2. Vampire Tonic
Just because you ignore the rules of rap music, doesn't mean that you're not doing rap anymore. If anything, rap has never played by the rules. It found new definitions outside of supposed guidelines. What reduces rap to very few core necessities, which actually widens the field. Rap can be as much a mind state, as it can be a carbon copy of what it's supposed to be. That's the pure paradigm of 'don't bite'. No two songs are meant to sound the same. No two styles are meant to be repeated. Oh must Stacs Of Stamina and Pilot Balloon then please the purists.
What of course can only be said with a big smirk on one's face. But the purists will have to swallow it.
But It doesn't even matter what you consider this music to be. Nothing changes when you call it this that or the other. And whatever reference point you use, it's still courageous, it's still different, and it's still very selfish. In a way that the people on "Isn't This Enough", who are the Stacs stems, k-the-i??? of the Komadose collective, Onedae and Bashie, are hardly speaking to you. They are not speaking to themselves either, but there's a lot of ground you need to cover to really be welcomed into all the meanings and sentiments. With the defining moment, well maybe not defining moment, but maybe most stereotypical Swedish moment appearing towards the end, where the chanting appears Nordic and goes: "sure I know that time went by and surely I know, I've never been counted / I left what was so far behind / never did I fear whatever what was coming / … / so pure is the snow the floats around / I reach my goals even though I keep on wishing". Poetry on the surface of atmospheric instrumentation, that borrows much more from electronics than the promoted boom-bap.
And Stacs Of Stamina impose static as instruments into a shredded collage of thirteen minutes, with many parts, identities and moments that embrace you as much as they lead you astray. See rap has not only moved away from the alleyways and parks of New York, it has also moved away from the structures the early birds scratched into the dirt. While new people from new places have found new ways to voice their new truths in rap.
People like Massachusetts' Komadose. A name that was previously mentioned, and a name that belongs to a without boundaries group. Pilot Balloon, namely kaeoFLUX and jud, make up the make up, and they enter "Hug Dusty / Throe Stasis" with a sample we have heard on a record by a film score master and generally brilliant musician Craig Armstrong (even though it's not confirmed that this is actually the source of this sample). The approach is still purposely left field, but the rapping quarterback is throwing his ball from the right field. If right field in any example can mean a more straight forward approach. But again, there's not just one idea that's progressed from one end-zone to the next. Pilot also hones the skills of change ups, of atmospheric progression, that seamlessly knits into "Vampire Tonic", which is a song with a cinematic title and a cinematic appeal.
As easy this music comes across, as hard it is to understand, write about and compose. Stacs and Pilot are masters of their trade, and there's many people finally catching up to them. The only difference between then and now is that people have heard their music. And it only takes one listen to go: 'wow, these kids are good'. Well, yeah. It's not like these pages haven't told you so for quite some time. But we're not the ones to not welcome you in the club. Now they know, now you know, and that's all that counts.
review: tadah
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