Da Muzik b/w Let's Get Fucked Up

label: ahead

production: xing n fox

year of release: 2004
website: xingnfox.com | tame-one.com
1. Da Muzik (street mix); 2. Let's Get Fucked Up (radio mix); 3. Da Muzik (street mix); 4. Let's Get Fucked Up (radio mix); 5. Da Muzik (instrumental); 6. Let's Get Fucked Up (instrumental)
Yes, every artist is releasing his/her music on a million record labels nowadays. So don't be surprised, if the next Tame One record will appear on the (never heard of before) Ahead Records. This record here features two songs, both produced by Xing N Fox, thus making this also a little bit their project, and not just Tame's.
Who really sped up his flow for "Da Muzik", what makes him sound a little bit like Ludacris though. Nothing wrong with that however, and nothing wrong with this song. Even though it is kinda odd with the pace (as the beat is actually kinda slow), the rhythm and the 80s vibe. Over that Tame puts heavy battle verses, what he repeats on the similarly odd - or different - "Let's Get Fucked Up". The battle verses fly through the air like a bunch of really pissed of africanized killer bees, and if you happen to have some honey around your mouth, you might just get eaten alive by those suckers.
This is certainly a lightweight offering, as it only features two songs. But Tame and Xing N Fox really accomplished to do something heavyweight - i.e. new and exciting - with the production and the hard rhyming. And both songs are from the upcoming "Spazmatic" album, which promises to be very good, if these two songs is an appropriate selection.
review: tadah
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