Night Lights

label: gitd

production: jaysonic, entity

guests: boomy

year of release: 2004
side one: 1. Night Lights (Radio); 2. Night Lights (Instrumental); 3. Night Lights (A Capella); 4. Forgot Your Break Record...?
side two: 1. Personal Ads Remix (Radio); 2. Personal Ads Remix (Instrumental); 3. Time Machine Album Preview
Time Machine beamed themselves into our century, and listening to their musical vibes, it was rather a traveling forward in time, than back in time. Because this music sounds a little older, rusty even, and that's a good thing.
Things start up with "Night Lights", which is a Jaysonic production. The horn is opening the song and it peaks over a lower piano. Lyrically Comel and Jaysonic speak about possible parties and bullshit, even if they are too tired. This is very much in the tradition of two other groups that are however living at the other end of the country. And just like those groups, Time Machine makes it sound ever so simple, while the flow at times tries to pack to many syllables into one line. That's however a minor set back, because over all this song is still good and an appropriate opener for your next night out.
On the flip we get the true winner of the record though. It's called "Personal Ad Remix" and with a super smooth beat, nifty lyrics and a nice little concept, this track reigns supreme over nearly everyone. It's basically a lot of call ins by people leaving their personal ads, saying what they are looking for in a significant other. Three people however, Jaysonic, Comel and female guest Boomy expand their demands and descriptions to full fledged verses. Especially Jaysonic really comes through with many a dope line, like "my grandma thought I was a saint, my ex girl knows that I'm a sinner", hovering above the rest, even though Boomy sounds very good too, and Comel is only held back by him sticking to a story, rather than a 'personal ad'. How cool this beat truly is, shows when you listen to the instrumental version. It's very musical, got all that jazz and should be a favorite on many parties to come.
Finally, to wrap this record up, there's "Time Machine Album Preview". This entity does what it promises, running through many songs from the "Slow Your Roll" album. And listening to those snippets, the albums promised to be as much a winner as is this 12".
review: tadah
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