Look Mom...No Hands

production: madlib, cryptic one.

year of release: 2003
side one: 1. Look Mom...No Hands (Hydro Mix); 2. Look Mom...No Hands (Clean); 3. Look Mom...No Hands (T.V. Tracks)
side two: 1. Why'sdaskyblue? (Hydro Mix); 2. Why'sdaskyblue? (Clean); 3. Why'sdaskyblue? (Instrumental)
Vast Aire is bigger than life. Look at him. But also listen to him. With a huge frame, he has the persona to match it. But even most importantly, he's got the skills to back up all his bigness. That's why he's got as many heads waiting for his album, as were waiting for the first episode of Star Wars. However, unlike that Lucas disaster, this 12" will not let the anxiety die, but it's vitamin juice for everyone that has already been shuffling his feet. And as this will be a mixtape favorite, will be played in clubs and radio stations, the passengers waiting list for Vast Air, will come out in volumes.
Vast is one of those few emcees who you always want to sit down and listen to. And he's one of those artists where you'll be sitting down several times, before you catch all the twist and turns of sentence and word combination. Plus, he's one that you want to discover for yourself, cause no one likes people that spoil the surprise. Then again, one surprise on "Look Mom…No Hands" is the Madlib beat. He got his eagerness up a couple of notches, completes them with the off color sample here and there, proving that Vast sounds good on this kind of beat, as on the classic production El gave him for Cannibal Ox.
But there's also the flip, and with Vast's Atoms Family relative Cryptic One stepping up on "Why'sdaskyblue?", the musical veins is getting cold again. And damn, I know this song from somewhere, but I just can't remember from where. But it must be out somewhere already. What's however no reason (at least no good reason), why to forfeit on this twelve inch. Cause the album is not out yet, and this is the next best thing.
review: tadah
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