Rae Dawn b/w Change The Beat

label: sound ink

production: heat sensor, max bill, king honey.

year of release: 2003
side one: 1. Rae Dawn; 2. Rae Dawn instrumental; 3. The Drop
side two: 1. Change The Beat; 2. Change The Beat instrumental; 3. Change The Beat a capella
MF Doom is so liked as an artist, that any review of one of his (many) releases that falls short of flat out praise, borderlines blasphemy. But you really need to acknowledge how Doom is able to keep the quality of all his numerous records up, still exciting even the most critical fan and journalist. With Viktor Vaughn Doom has created another character, and the album "Vaudeville Villain" (read the review) is kept in high regards by many a listener. Now, Sound-Ink wouldn't be Sound-Ink, if they wouldn't come out with a 12" and if that twelve wouldn't feature a bonus, non-album track [that is, if you consider a hidden track to be 'non-album' song].
But first we need to discuss the two album cuts on here, which are "Rae Dawn" and "The Drop". The first shows why Viktor's album was not only liked. The electronica is a sharp change to many of the other Doom records, that while using eccentric samples, still fit a certain musical vibe. This here however is minimalist, it's static, and lacks that 70s charm. The same, but a little less goes for "The Drop", where Vik gets to spit his rhetoric over a harder and quicker beat, that sounds better due to the inclusion of a melody like level. It gets really good however on the flip, where Doom does a new version of "Jackin' For Beats", apart from that he's not jacking the beats, but gets to rhyme over some King Honey programs. Doom starts by dismissing the first offering on "Change The Beat", to then destroy whatever is put in front of him. And the quality gets better with the duration, to then at the end getting the best out of Doom, as he really needs to run over a driven climax.
Doom is certainly one of the most interesting characters we can listen to right now. While the praise at times seems blind and unbalanced, the fact still remains that he's pushing the boundaries, pushing himself, and pushing good music.
review: tadah
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