Gotta Pay / Trust

label: half tooth

production: oddisee, dox 1

year of release: 2004

side one: 1. Gotta Pay (album); 2. Gotta Pay (instrumental); 3. Gotta Pay (acapella)

side two: 1. Trust (album); 2. Trust (instrumental); 3. Trust (acapella)
Wordsworth. Good emcee. Listen to "Gotta Pay" and his braggadocio. Proper. Well written. Good. Works. Can carry a topic, but can also spit this traditional babbling. And that's why he says that these people don't want none. He's probably right. We, however, don't want none of these weak beats no more. Seriously. This is some pretty bad desperate club wannabe track. Kinda like someone that wants to do something commercial, but doesn't really dare to do it 100%, so only gives it 80. Which is still about 50% too much. Or something. Which all is rather interesting, considering that Oddisee produced this song. And Odd is usually very dope. But oh well…
Much better on the beat tip is "Trust" by Dox 1. Wordsworth stays up with the quality too. This song features the rhyme "I did a lot of things to women I never thought it was wrong / and had a different outlook, once my daughter was born" very early in the song. And this is what the track concerns itself with. That is, the part on how Wordsworth treated the women. The concept of the song thus goes against the regular rump shaker rhetoric of this rap universe, what's good and what's real. The beat is nothing groundbreaking, but it features good traditional values of a boom and a bap, the neck is in motion and the quality is so much better than what we were treated to on the first song.
Now, Wordsworth will release an album this year. And while we have mixed emotions about this 12", there's little doubt that the album will be worth every word. And our money.
review: tadah
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